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Motion Control

With today’s rapidly evolving technology, motion control functions previously handled by older methods like cams, gears, etc., can now be addressed electronically. Updated technologies like Steppers, Servos, or even Linear Motors can be used. Let Diversified Design's years of robotic and motion control experience help you with your next project.


Consulting Services


Every project has its own challenges, so in addition to your own R&D, Diversified Design's broad exposure to many industries allows us to provide that extra project support, at any phase of your project, from generating concepts & fabricating prototypes, to special tooling and assembly processes.


Our Address  


161 Boro Line Rd.

King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

Phone: 610-337-1969

Fax: 610-337-1700

Company Profile


Diversified Design & Manufacturing, Inc., (DDM) provides fully integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, and consulting services to many industries. At Diversified Design, we specialize in the design / development of custom automation machinery & equipment - products that require precision, flexibility, and performance, while providing a low cost solution to your manufacturing or testing processes.

With our extensive knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, motion control, servo systems, machine vision systems, PLC and PC Integration, Diversified Design & Manufacturing can provide complete process or product development services. 

Combine this with our In-house Machine / Model Shop for precision component design & fabrication,  and you’ve got the best source for your project.  


According to Control Engineering's Automation Integrator Guide, only 20% of 1000 US Automation System integrators are considered ‘independent’, while the remaining 80% only integrate with their own products.   Diversified Design & an independent  System Integrator that works with the customer to choose the best design or product for their needs. 


Custom MachineryCustom Machinery / Automation.Whether you need a simple machine or an automated assembly operation, Diversified Design & Manufacturing can design and build machines to handle your manufacturing, assembly, or packaging  process.

Learn more about automation machinery here...

Product Development. We can assist you with your idea—from developing the concept to building a prototyping ... or take it all the way through assembly and testing to manufacturing a finished product.

Learn more about prototype design & assemblies here ...

Paper Packaging RetrofitIndustrial Machinery Retrofit.  Why consider a retrofit? - 1.Less machine downtime, minimize breakdowns.  2. Increase speed or productivity. 3. Improve quality issues. 4. Expand capabilities or product Line. Let Diversified Design help you learn more about process improvement here ...